Pursue the Word

Last year I began the habit of daily prayer journaling. Essentially, I sit down and dialogue with the Father and record our conversations. It has radically transformed my prayer life and many of my sweetest moments with the Lord have happened during these times. I love writing and storing our conversations because it makes the history I am developing with the Father feel more concrete.

Many mornings I ask the Father questions like “what is on your heart towards me?” “how do you see me today?” or “what do you want to say to me?” I am often shocked by what he says. Understand the Father’s heart is highly affirmational but he also deals only in reality. The Father is constantly affirming and showering me with love, but he has yet to affirm my singing voice. He won’t lie to you. So when he affirms you in personal ways, he is telling the truth of how he sees you. However, when God affirms me in a way that contradicts how I see myself it creates a problem. How can I trust what God is saying about me when I know myself all too well to believe it? The written word is full of powerful descriptions of God’s kids. We are called new creations, dead to sin, fully alive to God, called, chosen, qualified, and faultless as we stand before the throne... just to name a few. But what do we do when where we are and what we’re called create a contradiction? Pursue the Word over your life. In other words, chase down God’s prophetic picture, description and dream for your life. When God tells us who we are, we are not meant to be passive in receiving it.

I love studying the formation and development of the prophets and God’s men and women of the hour in scripture. Moses hears his name called from a burning bush and has the gall to tell God, "not me, you’ve got the wrong guy.” Gideon is hiding from the Midianites and the Angel of the Lord calls him “Mighty Warrior.” His response, “I’m the least in my family and my family is the least in our tribe.” Like Moses, “Not me, you’ve got the wrong guy.” Simon wavers until the day of Pentecost but get’s renamed “Peter,” which means “Rock” on the first day he meets Jesus. Each of these individuals heard their name called in a way that contradicted where they were or how they saw themselves. They had to make a decision to pursue the prophetic identity spoken over their life. The same decision is placed before each of us. We can partner with our current reality or pursue God’s dream over our life.

The other day in my prayer journal, I heard the Father say, “I’m going to bring you into rooms and introduce you as my friend. That is the only endorsement you will need. Someday your epitaph will read: 'Skyler, friend of God.’” When I heard that spoken over my life it changed my pursuit. Pursuing ministry (working for the Lord), after God places His high watermark on friendship, suddenly seems trivial. I want to be known as a friend of God. In a moment, God shifted what I want to walk into (calling), what voice matters most (endorsement), and what I want to be remembered for at the end of my life (epitaph). Allowing God to write the identity words over our life is the surest way to make sure we are not wasting ourselves on the wrong pursuits. Ask God what He thinks of you today. You will be surprised. You might not be there yet, but it will point your toes in the direction of a worthy pursuit - becoming the dream He has in His heart for you. Take His hand. Walk through the garden. Get a glimpse of every original design He had in His heart for you.

God has a prayer for your life. Are you willing to become the answer to that prayer?

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